Nature Sure Ganoderma Ling Zhi Reishi Mushroom Capsules for Immunity

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Nature Sure® Ganoderma capsules are a naturally-powerful stamina and endurance booster that promote health & longevity in men and women. These capsules strengthen the body’s immune system and increase endurance against external harmful conditions.

Every day, our body gets exposed to several harmful chemicals and substances such as primary and secondary smoke, pollution, dust, ultra-fine particles & allergens. Hectic work pressures, traffic, increasing cost of living and competition also take toll on our health, leading to stress and fatigue. Staying fighting fit for peak performance requires stamina and endurance. Stamina is the body’s ability to powerfully take on physical or mental exertion. Endurance is the ability to have such high stamina for a longer duration of time.

Nature Sure® Ganoderma Capsules are made with 100% pure, top-grade variety of Ganoderma lucidum, also known as Reishi Mushroom or LingZhi, and often called the Mushroom of Immortality or the Mushroom of Spiritual Potency. This variety has the longest historical record of being used medicinal purposes since over four thousand years in countries such as India, Japan, Korea and China. Pharmacologically, it is the most significant variety of medicinal mushroom on the planet today.

Nature Sure® Ganoderma Capsules help you achieve stamina and endurance in a totally natural manner. It also releases more energy and boosts cellular health and immunity.

There are more than 1.1 billion smokers in the world, and more than 7 million people die each year due to smoking. Smoking and tobacco contain over 4000 chemicals that harm our body. Even e-cigarettes (vapes) contain chemicals such as ethylene glycol, nitrosamines or diacetyl which can cause cancer or popcorn lung (bronchiolitis obliterans). Smoking suppresses immunity, lowers stamina & endurance, reduces ability to perform physical exercise, and increases vulnerability to other ailments. Smoking also causes greater risk of depression & anxiety and can lead to cancer. Families of smokers also get adversely impacted – over 890 000 deaths occur among non-smokers due to secondary smoking. Still, many a times, smokers find it difficult to quit smoking. As they overcome this killer habit, Ganoderma can help reverse some of the damage and accelerate the healing process. Several studies show that Ganoderma helps boost stamina and endurance, reduces oxidative stress in the brain and elevates mood, reduces depression, stress and anxiety. Ganoderma also helps grow and strengthen T- and B-Cells which are defenders in the body. It stimulates the production of natural killer cells and macrophages that prevent growth of cancer cells.


  • Medically proven to help boost the body’s stamina and endurance power
  • Builds immunity, protects against harmful conditions and substances
  • Boosts energy levels for enhanced performance
  • Reduces stress and combats chronic fatigue
  • Improves ability to fight liver, kidney, joints, lungs, heart, brain, and digestive diseases
  • Particularly beneficial in viral infections like influenza (flu), swine flu, avian flu, food poisoning, and respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis
  • Useful in managing gastric ulcers, Type 2 diabetes, insomnia, hepatitis, nephritis, hypertension, arthritis, blood pressure, cholesterol, platelet aggregation
  • Believed to suppress tumor growth, support conventional therapy for cancer and provide anti-HIV protection
  • May be helpful in managing chest pain and shortness of breath due to clogged arteries
  • Effective in dealing with altitude sickness
  • Assured quality from Nature Sure®, a brand that is trusted globally for its products made with 100% pure & top-grade ingredients at GMP- and ISO-certified units


Nature Sure® Ganoderma Capsules are generally safe for oral consumption by healthy adults in recommended doses continuously for up to a month, after which you should give a gap of at least one week.

Ganoderma is not recommended for children and infants, pregnant and lactating women, people with bleeding or clotting disorders, autoimmune disease, very low blood pressure (hypotension), and those who have recent or scheduled surgery in 15 days.

Ganoderma boosts immunity so consult physician if you are on immuno-suppressant therapy or other medications.


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