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Nature Sure Castor Oil (Arandi Tail) - Top 10 Uses

Use Castor Oil for healthy skin, hair and body

How to use castor oil (extracted from Ricinus communis) as a remedy for curing many skin and hair-related ailments is no longer a secret. Often perceived as a traditional oil, the uses of castor oil are very much relevant to modern times as well. Nature Sure Castor Oil (Arandi Tail) is completely natural without any additives or preservatives. It is 100% pure and can be used without any fear of side effects. Many of the traditional applications of castor oil are still in vogue and all the more relevant in today's time. We list down ten ways to use castor oil (Ricinus communis) that you can in include in your daily skin and body care regimen.

Use Castor Oil on Your Cuticles

Now you don't need to purchase chemical-laden cuticle oil from the drugstore anymore. Nature Sure Castor Oil is a natural treatment that can be applied on your cuticles. By using a little bit of castor oil on your nail bed regularly, you will experience softer cuticles and also provide natural nourishment to your nails.

Strange as it Sounds - Wash Your Face with Oil

You might have heard a common misconception that applying oil on your face can make your skin break out. Not if that oil is castor oil. By mixing castor oil with two or three other essential oils like lavender, grapeseed, jojoba, etc., you can create a perfect oil mixture for practicing what is known as the Oil Cleansing Method. Just wet your face with warm or hot water and spread the oil mix on your face. Now, massage the oil gently into your skin with fingers. Then take a wet washcloth to wipe it off. Do not scrub too hard. This oil cleansing method will leave you feeling refreshed and moisturized.

Provides Instant Relief from Bug Bites

Everyone knows how annoying it is to have been bitten by a bug or a mosquito even and having the resultant itching drive you crazy. You can now get instant relief by rubbing a drop of Nature Sure castor oil onto the itchy area. It's anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties provide healing action immediately to stop the itching and provide relief almost instantly.

Relieve Muscle Pains

Castor oil is a known reliever of aches and pains around the body. You can also make a castor oil compress instead of massaging with castor oil. Just soak a small piece of cloth with castor oil, cover the cloth with plastic wrap and then secure it to the sore area with medical tape. You can also apply a heating pad over this castor oil compress to help the oil get absorbed faster. For better results leave the compress overnight.

Soothe Those Tired Eyes

Use castor oil as an excellent relaxant for tired eyes. It can work great in removing all the tiredness from around your eyes. Before going to bed at night, simply rub a little bit of Nature Sure castor oil around your eyes and also on your eyelashes. Be careful that the oil does not go into your eyes. Allow the castor oil to soak into the skin around your eyes overnight, and you will see the sharp and visible difference in the morning. It will be giving you a much more refreshed look in the morning.

Relieve Corns and Calluses and Get Smoother Looking Feet 

If applied directly on calluses and corns, one can achieve relief from calluses to quite some extent. Massage a bit of castor oil onto corns and calluses to relieve the associated pain and swelling as well. Over time you will notice that they will ultimately disappear altogether.

Use Castor Oil to Repair Those Split Ends

Nature Sure castor oil is known to be an excellent source of growth for hair. Not everyone knows, however, that castor oil can also prevent and repair split ends. By applying a few drops of castor oil to the ends of your hair reduces the breakage of hair from the ends, thus leading to a reduction in split ends. This also restores health to your hair and makes it less brittle, making it less likely for breakage to occur.

Relieve Scratches and Abrasions on the Skin

Sometimes pets can unknowingly leave us with scratches that cause a lot of pain. We can get scratches from other sources as well. Playing sports often leads to minor injuries that lead to skin abrasions. Castor oil is an excellent remedy for such minor injuries and scratches. By adding a few drops of castor oil to your scratches, you can make use of the benefits of castor oil to heal these wounds. Castor oil also helps in healing ringworm and other fungal ailments, as discussed above.

Get Relief from Insomnia

Castor oil can be a solution for achieving a peaceful night's sleep. Just by rubbing a little bit of castor oil on your eyelids before you go to bed, you will be able to have a restful night's sleep, waking up feeling refreshed in the morning. Castor oil's calming properties are responsible for this health benefit. However, make sure that you don't get any oil in your eyes.

Remove Skin Tags and Warts with Nature Sure Castor Oil

There is no doubt that skin tags and warts look unsightly. Now with the help of Nature Sure castor oil, you can get rid of these as well. Just apply the oil to the skin tag or wart for a few weeks regularly, and you will begin to see that the mark will disappear or fall off. Please be aware that the oil does not work on moles that are on the skin.

So now that you have seen the many ways in which castor oil can be used and the many benefits it has don’t waste any more time in waiting around. Start using Nature Sure Castor Oil today to take benefits from its healing properties.


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