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Jonk Oil-the right oil for healthy hair


Just as the fashion industry has evolved from using shoulder pads to the cute cold shoulder tops, your hair care routines have changed too. Gone are the days when it was just hair oiling, washing, and conditioning. The state-of-the-art hair industry has an array of options in hair care like hair masks, essential oils for hair, dry shampoos, detangling solutions, volumizing mousses, hair sprays, hair serums, etc. Although the latest products have been killing the hair game, right hair oils have remained a constant in the hair care product line and can truly protect your hair.


Hair oils: Reinventing the old game

The saying “old is gold” never gets old. Just as any other traditional practice, hair oiling has been an age-old hair care solution for a good reason; in fact, many reasons. Some people oil their hair to feel relaxed and calm, some oil their hair for good sleep, and some for the luscious, thick, and long hair.

Our mother’s hair in those timeworn photographs looked nothing less than a princess’s hair braid, straight out of a fairytale movie, thanks to these hair oils. You do not have to frown over your “not so perfect hair” because you can harness the goodness of the hair oil too. Here is a head start:

  • Smoothening your hair

Oiling your hair may seem like a stone age idea to you since conditioning serums are the modern way to keep your hair smooth and shiny. These products do show promising results but only act for a while. Your hair turns frizzy in no time. You have to apply multiple dabs of the product on your hair to maintain the shine and hydration of your hair. Hair oils, like Nature Sure Jonk Oil; however, are pretty viscous and stay in your hair for a longer time. The longer the oil stays on your hair, the better it protects your hair from dryness, split ends and dandruff.

  • Protecting your hair

Your scalp is one of the factors that decide the strength of your hair. A healthy and well-nourished scalp and hair follicles will initiate healthy hair growth. Hair oils such as Nature Sure Jonk Oil work on the scalp and hair follicles along with the hair shaft, root, and tip, creating a "strength seal" for the entire hair, thereby not only promoting strong and healthy hair but protecting it too.

  • Reducing hair fall

If hair fall is one of your main hair troubles, then oiling your hair is the best remedy for you. Although this is not something new to you, and there are a plethora of hair growth oils and hair fall control oils, the best option among them may still be unknown to you. Most of the oils do not help your hair fall, but some do. Nature Sure Jonk Oil shows immediate results in curbing your hair loss. The curative properties of this oil act as a remedy for hair fall and even alopecia or baldness.

  • Nourishing your scalp

Just as a sapling needs nourishment from water and the soil to grow into a strong, beautiful, and healthy tree, our hair needs nourishment to grow. You may eat all the right foods, but their benefits may not get delivered to the hair roots due to the lack of blood flow. Nature Sure leech oil or jonk oil improves blood circulation in the scalp. By enhancing blood circulation, the jonk oil allows nutrients to reach their destination, which is the hair follicle. It also makes an easy way for the nutrients from the oil to penetrate easily into the hair.

  • Protecting your hair

Just like a jar lid keeps away the flies from the fruit jam, hair oils can keep away infections from your hair. Nature Sure Jonk Oil has antibiotic, antifungal and other protective properties like antioxidants that protect your hair from infections and dandruff. Thus, oiling is not just to make your hair feel good, but also so that your hair is safe from infections.

Now that you know how hair oiling can benefit you, grab a pack of Nature Sure Jonk Oil. Achieve good looking and healthy hair just with some good old head massage and you can thank us later.

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