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What makes Ganoderma the most significant variety of medicinal mushrooms on the planet?

 Since ancient times mushrooms have been an important natural source of not just food but medicines as well. Traditional medicinal practices specially recognized the therapeutic use of mushrooms and their applications in human healthcare. In recent years, modern clinical practices have been able to demonstrate how the use of the bioactive components of mushrooms have helped to alleviate symptoms of immune system disorders and other diseases such as cancer and diabetes.  

 Of these multitude varieties of mushrooms, the Ganoderma strain has shown most profound use in promoting health and longevity. An oriental fungus, this large and dark mushroom, also known as ‘Lingzhi’ has often been attributed as the “herb of spiritual potency” for its properties that help in good health and longevity. Documented as a potent medicinal mushroom in the ancient scriptures for over 2000 years, Ganoderma exhibits a unique pharmaceutical and nutritional value. No ssssswonder that this mushroom and its different parts have over years found their way into several dietary supplements, tea concoctions and even medicines.

 Ganoderma as a Herbal Treatment

The applications and health benefits of Ganoderma extends to immune system modulation, anticancer benefits, cardiac health including lowering of bad cholesterol, hepatic health and nephroto-protective benefits, among others.

In fact, the Ganoderma mushroom has a current global trade value of about USD 2 billion and has already found its way to the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia and Therapeutic compendium.  

 Undoubtedly, Ganoderma is highly regarded as powerful herbal treatment that can prevent as well as cure many life-threatening diseases due to the presence of powerful bioactive substances such as polysaccharides, β-glucans, mycins, amino acids, lignin, nucleotides and nucleosides, vitamins, organic germanium(Ge), phenols, adenosine, lectins and polysaccharide-peptide complexes – each having an outstanding medicinal benefit.

Boosts your Immunity and Lifespan

Another reason for its fast-growing popularity is due to its promising lifespan extending and vitality-giving properties. From being an excellent immunomodulator and anti-inflammatory to having analgesic, radio-protective, antibacterial, anti-ulcer, anti-diabetic, antioxidative, anti-ageing, antiviral and antifibrotic properties, Ganoderma stands out with its long list of accomplishments as a supplement of choice.

Most significant variety of medicinal mushroom

Pharmacologically, it is the most significant variety of medicinal mushroom on the planet today.

Scientific studies confirm that one can reduce their fatigue and improve the quality of life significantly after just four weeks of taking Reishi supplements. Further test-tube studies have also exhibited Reishi’s anti-inflammatory effects on the genes and pathways in white blood cells, the critical part of our immune systems. The bio-constituents of Ganoderma lucidum help to regulate the expression of various genes involved in white blood cell cycle, the immune response of the body and thus contribute to increasing the activity of the natural killer cells that fight infections, tumour growth and cancer.

The top-grade variety of Ganoderma

Nature Sure, a leading brand in natural food and health supplements, has captured the exquisite properties of Ganoderma in its proprietary supplement, Nature Sure Ganoderma, that not just promotes health but enhances your longevity too.

Available as capsules, each Nature Sure Ganoderma capsule brings with it a 100% pure, top-grade variety of Ganoderma lucidum, a magical mushroom variety that also goes by the name of Reishi Mushroom or LingZhi, or more popularly the Mushroom of Immortality.

The Ganoderma mushroom that is the main ingredient of Nature Sure Ganoderma has been a staple medicinal herb in the eastern world since the most extended times (almost over 4000 years now!). Countries like Japan, China, India and Korea have conducted several pre-clinical studies on Ganoderma lucidum (Lingzhi) and have pharmacologically established that the polysaccharides that are found in this herb to be the most potent immuno-modulating herb.

Get your pack of Ganoderma now!

Undoubtedly, Nature Sure Ganoderma is wonder food that you need to boost your immunity and lifespan.

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