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Alopecia areata is a genetic disease that has become a major risk factor worldwide for anxiety and depression. In this condition, your immune system targets your hair follicles, making you lose hair in blotches. Scientists say alopecia is not just genetic, but is also caused by environmental factors. The hair may grow back, but the balding and hair thinning continues anywhere on the body, mostly on the scalp. People with alopecia have fought their battle, trying to swim across the waters of hateful comments, bullying, and loss of self-confidence to get to the shore of their goals. But yes, the journey isn’t easy for many of them.


The Arising Hair Problem: Alopecia

Alopecia mostly occurs in most people in their thirties or forties, but it could happen at any age. An early beginning of alopecia could lead to a risk of extensive disease in your life. Success rates for the treatment of alopecia are limited, and no cure has been found yet. Soaking up the sun regularly and reducing stress are some of the “make sure” tips that people follow to stay away from further damage and deficiencies in their hair.


Natural Remedies for Alopecia

Nature has provided us with remedies that have helped us treat many diseases and it may have solutions for alopecia too. Licorice root, coconut oil, mustard, honey, etc. are nature’s treatment options which people use to treat alopecia.
Many people also use steroids and immuno-suppressant therapy to treat the alopecia faster; however, they could lead to some unintended side effects. Although all these treatments may help boost hair growth, you would need a solid game changer to deal with alopecia, something which had been mentioned in traditional system of medicine-Ayurveda.


The Power of Leeches to Treat Alopecia

Leeches, also known as jonk, have been used for the treatment of many health conditions. Yes, these tiny slimy, creepy wrigglers can help cure diseases. They have been used in ancient traditions to flush out the harmful toxins and impure blood. Let’s see how they can be helpful in treating alopecia as mentioned in our traditional system of medicine.

  • Strengthen hair follicles: The source of hair loss in alopecia is weak hair follicles, and leech oil ( Jonk Tail) acts on this problem effectively. The leeches improve the concentration and distribution of nutrients to the hair follicles. Nature Sure understands that it isn’t easy for you to go for leech therapy often, so it incorporates the goodness of leech action in their jonk tail
  • Antibacterial: While the jonk oil is at work to help repair alopecia, the antibacterial property of the Nature Sure’s jonk oil also keeps your hair away from fungal infections, which means, you can get hair growth and forget fungal infections and dandruff.
  • .Helps in re-growth of hair: You might have heard this claim from many hair oils but might not have witnessed it. Jonk oil, when applied and massaged in the bald area regularly, promotes natural hair growth by improving blood circulation.Not just helping with the re-growth of hair, it also helps stop hair loss and helps reduce hair fall.

The leeches are tiny but certainly are quite mighty. The benefits of jonk oil serve you with the perfect solution to treat alopecia. Lucky for you, you don’t have to spend hours in the spa for leech therapy or worry about finding the best quality leech oil. Nature Sure provides the effectivity of leeches in the purest and highest quality hair oil.

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