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Lungs Pure- protect lungs from smoke & pollution

Everyday fight with smoke & pollution:

Pollution, irrespective of its form, can significantly harm lung health, just like smoking does!

Every day, our lungs get exposed to pollution in the form of cigarette smoke, killer pollutants, harmful chemicals, microbes, dust, pollen, allergens, primary and secondary smoke, particulate matter, vehicular emissions, smog and heavy metals. Research has already established that both air pollution and smoking are leading causes of lung diseases. Environmental pollutants can exacerbate conditions such as Asthma, COPD, lung cancer and respiratory infections.

What’s more, we are not even safe within the inside our own homes. Studies show that indoor air pollution can be up to 10 times worse than outdoor pollution. Indoor pollution can also have severe effects on the health of the lung and respiratory system. Even synthetic deodorants, perfumes and room fresheners can contain chemicals that can harm our lungs. Over time, these pollutants and toxic substances entire our lungs through the air we inhale and gradually get deposited as thick layers into our air passageways and lung tissues from through a process called 'biomagnification'. Unlike the pinkish tinge of healthy lungs, lungs of active smokers or those exposed to high pollutants turn black due to such deposits.

Prevent your lungs' health

While it goes unsaid that exposing your lungs to toxins such as those that the lungs get exposed to due to long-term smoking can be extremely harmful, not only for your health but also for those around you; quitting smoking does require will-power and some time. However, till the time you are not able to completely kick the habit, don’t let your lungs and respiratory system suffer.  With increasing pollution and unhealthy lifestyles becoming the norm for most of us, it becomes imperative to take care of our lung health and to detoxify our lungs regularly.

For our bodies, faced with chemicals everywhere, it becomes vital to opt for natural supplements which can help us take care of our health. Nature Sure™ is a brand that understands this need and offers a range of 100% pure and natural products for the health, wellness and personal care of the entire family.

Nature Sure™ Lungs Pure capsules contain 100% natural and powerful herbs that detoxify and cleanse the lungs, remove congestion, heal lung tissues, and infuse vitality by improving the lung’s capacity to absorb more oxygen.

In a carefully formulated combination, Nature Sure™ Lungs Pure Capsules blend ancient Ayurvedic herbs such as Vasa, Guduchi, Dhanyaka, Kantakari, Haridra, Shunthi, Bharangi and Pippali with modern Western herbs such as Pine Bark and Oregano. All these herbo-medicinal ingredients are scientifically proven to improve respiratory health and give you quick, safe, effective and natural lung detox.

How Lungs Pure can help!

All the herbs used in the formulation of Nature Sure™ Lungs Pure Capsules have proven efficacy. While Dhanyaka helps in clearing mucus from the lungs with its antispasmodic and expectorant properties; scientific research has shown that Vasa can significantly improve or prevent Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and various other respiratory diseases. Guduchi or giloy purges toxins from the body and fights respiratory infections while at the same time improving immunity. Oregano is a powerful antioxidant and helps bacteria and clear mucous in the lungs. Kantakari, Pippali, etc., are widely accepted in Ayurveda principles since ages now as herbs with beneficial effects for the respiratory system. Harida or turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, and also has expectorant and anti-carcinogenic properties.

Your respiratory system continually works for you all day every day, bringing to your body the elixir of life in the form of oxygen. It is thus essential to take adequate care of your respiratory health. What could be better than doing so in a holistic manner with the help of natural supplements which do not cause any side effects?!

 Nature Sure™ Lungs Pure Capsules provide you benefits of pure and potent herbs that exert broncho-dilatory, mucolytic, expectorant and antimicrobial actions on the lungs. These herbs help in removing excess congestion, heal damage caused by pollutants and smoke, detoxify and thereby restore healthy functioning of lungs.

 So, give yourself and your loved ones the gift of healthy lungs.

 Opt for the Nature Sure™ Lungs Pure Capsules today. 



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