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Nature Sure Blog - Hair Loss Tips for Women

Either we fret too much about hair fall or we get so used to it that we stop paying heed to hair loss. Losing 50 to 100 hair strands in a day is normal. Paying attention to hair loss is important because losing more than 100 hair strands each day spells an underlying problem. Typically, the culprits for hair loss are the fluctuating hormones, the stress of your annoying manager, the new hair color or hair straightening process that you went in for, more intense procedures like chemotherapy that you had to undergo, or just a bad experience with a hair care product.

Let’s not churn the butter any more than we need to; it's 2018 and managing hair loss has become better and easier than before. You do not have to deal with thin hair or the embarrassing bald patches on your scalp with hair wigs anymore. A little bit of style is all you need to pull off a “good hair day” look even while dealing with hair loss. Following are some hair loss styling tips that women of all ages dealing with hair loss can use to bring sexy back:

Hide it with color

Don’t step out of the hair color game because you have a receding hair line; in fact, use it to your advantage. You just have to use the right color and the right technique. Use a darker shade on the scalp area and color the remaining hair with one shade lighter. It will create the illusion of a denser and fuller scalp and will cover up the balding spots effortlessly. Imagined the look? Go for it!

Avoid the ponytail or the braid

There's nothing wrong with ponytails, braids, or cornrows; they just pull too strongly on the delicate hair roots and can cause hair thinning or hair loss. If you wish to go for the ponytail or braid look, use an elastic hair tie. Use hair ties without any studded elements so that your hair doesn't get tangled in them and break further. The elastic hair tie will slide off with ease without adding to hair loss woes.

Beat the heat

Straightening wands, curlers, and all those devices that style your hair in a jiffy are so cool. Simply hit the “on” button, and the hair styling tool will do the work with a few strokes. Without a doubt, it gives you a flawless hairstyle, but it has a fatal flaw – hair damage!

When that hair straightener or curling iron stays for too long on one part of your hair, it chars your hair. You have to keep moving it every few seconds so that it doesn't burn your hair, but you will end up spending more electricity and time! Look out for non-heat hair styling options or use a heat-protecting spray before you opt for a procedure that uses such a device; it will help reduce the damage to your hair.

Pick hair products wisely

The cosmetic industry has recognized hair loss and balding as a huge concern among women and has introduced an abundance of hair loss products. It is difficult to choose from a number of promising products, but you must choose the right one. Choose hair products that contain minerals and essential nutrients that will help improve your hair growth and blood circulation.

Don’t skip the massage

While styling your hair is a part of your beauty routine, don’t forget to nourish your hair. Massaging your hair with a good hair oil makes it even better. Nature Sure has introduced a hair oil that is 100% natural and effective for hair loss treatment. Jonk Tail made from leeches makes for a must-have product in your hair loss regime as leeches increase blood circulation, provide nourishment to the scalp, help treat scalp infections, dandruff, and promote hair growth.

But, since leech therapy is not possible every day, Nature Sure has infused the benefits of leech therapy in their jonk oil! The oil contains Hirudin that is extremely beneficial for hair growth. Move your fingertips slowly in a circular motion on your scalp, massaging in the Nature Sure Jonk Tail. It will enhance your hair growth while making you feel relaxed.

Eat right, grow hair right

You get bored and head to the fridge for some junk. Instead, munch on some nuts, beans, fish, lean meat, and greens. They are rich in zinc, iron, and vitamin B12, which will help revive your thinning hair.

Even if you get too busy with work or travel, carry some bite-sized healthy foods to munch on. Dietary supplements can also help, as they will get you the benefit of many foods in one pill!. Ignore the hair-shaming gaze with style. Follow these styling tips and deal with hair loss like a boss. ;)

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