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Hair Loss Styling Tips for Men - Nature Sure Blog

Blame it on the genes or the stressful lifestyle, hair loss is the white elephant in the room a lot of us are dealing with. But hey, hair loss isn’t that bad! You can be bald and still sexy; all you need to do is style it like a pro ;).

Hair styling tips

Life is about acing the cards dealt to you. If you think wearing a wig or a hat the whole day is your way of dealing with hair loss, then buddy, you’ve been missing out on some seriously useful hair styling hacks. Don’t worry, they do not take much time or effort and are totally worth it! So change your hair game forever:

Barber scissors can do the trick

Just imagine, a hairstyle that makes you look like you never had a hair loss problem. Isn’t that the smartest idea? If you've got bald patches in some areas of your scalp or a receding hairline, you can take the help of your barber.

Ask the barber to trim and style your hair in such a way that your balding side appears fuller. Some of the commonly picked hairstyles by balding men are slick back, spikes, crew cut, and the buzz.

Say yes to the right hair care products

While styling your hair, a lightweight hair mousse or hair foam can help you achieve more volume. Avoid using pomades, hair creams, and the heavy-duty hair gels that weigh your hair down. More than helping you style your hair, they just create a wetland of your hair and clump your hair, which can actually expose your bald areas even more.

KISS (keep it short, silly!)

A trimmed haircut is never “too old” in fashion. Did David Beckham or George Clooney ever fail the shaved head look? Of course not! The effortless look just gives an impression of uniform hair in a smart and charming way. A shaved head or a very short hairstyle works for men who have an even shape to the head. So as per your preference, buzz it really short or go bold and go fora clean-shaved scalp. Over and above the hair length, ensuring healthy hair is more important to arrest your hair fall right away.

Eat right!

Yes, eating affects your hair. Have you been snacking on healthy foods for your body? Start snacking healthy and your hair will be healthy too!

Getting the required amounts of iron, vitamin D, zinc, and proteins can improve the quality and quantity of your hair. Instead of investing in expensive hair products that contain these ingredients and charge you a bomb for it, try eating these nutrients directly. Try to have at least one of these hair-healthy foods every day – dates, pomegranates, jaggery, spinach, chickpeas (chana).

Get a hot oil massage

People often focus only on the hair roots and scalp nourishment, but the tips of the hair are equally important. The most effective way of fixing your hair tips is by oiling them. Overnight application of Nature Sure Jonk Tail (Leech Oil) from the hair roots to the tips can give you great hair.

Jonk Tail or leech oil promotes faster hair growth and is known as one of the best natural remedies for baldness. It does not just cure hair problems, but also nourishes the scalp and prevents hair loss, dandruff, and fungus. You definitely need the power of Nature Sure Jonk Tail to triumph over all your hair problems, known and unknown. Jonk oil contains hirudin, which improves blood circulation and ensures better delivery of nutrients to your hair. The nutritional deficiencies that might be causing hair loss are likely to reduce with this oil. Also, the enhanced circulation and healing properties reduce dandruff and fungal infections that are a cause of hair loss.

Massage in some Nature Sure Jonk Tail at night before sleeping, and let it stay all night. Wash it off the next morning.

No matter how much you filter out your treatment options for hair loss, nothing is going to be as simple and cheap as getting a smart haircut, eating nutritious food, or massaging your hair with Nature Sure Jonk Tail.

Deal with hair loss with style. Our easy and smart tips will help you get your swag back along with your hairline.



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