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Are stamina and endurance the same? How can I increase them both naturally?

Though often used interchangeably, the inter-related concepts of stamina and endurance are very different in reality.

While both stamina and endurance relate to time and inherently refer to the staying power of muscles, stamina relates to the maximum time that a given group of muscles are able to perform at or near maximum capacity. On the other hand, endurance is defined as the maximum amount of time that the given group of muscles in question can perform a certain action. In other words, stamina is more closely associated with ‘athletic power’, while endurance is associated with the capacity to tolerate hardship or suffering.

Unhealthy lifestyle adversely effects health

A number of factors such as a sedentary lifestyle, exposure to stress and other unhealthy lifestyle choices such as smoking, etc can lead to a markedly reduced stamina and endurance. Further, every day, our body is subjected to several harmful toxins in our everyday environment – from primary and secondary smoke and pollution to dust particles and allergens.

What decreases Physical Endurance?

The environmental toxins, many of which are carcinogenic, binds to red blood cells causing displacement of oxygen, damage to the alveoli walls and constriction of the blood capillaries within the lungs. These conditions limit the flow of oxygen through the body and cause an increase in the fatigue-generating substance, lactic acid: resultant – a decreased physical endurance, higher than standard resting heart rate, decreased muscle strength, and stamina.

These factors aggravate our health issues, ultimately bearing down on our body’s natural stamina and endurance.

But, fret not! All is not lost, and you can actually work to boost your body stamina and endurance and that too absolutely naturally!

Steps to increase your stamina and endurance

Here are some ways you can work on increasing your stamina and endurance:

  • Start your day with a healthy and fulsome breakfast which can help add some good calories to your body.
  • Increase the intake of fluids and drink water at regular intervals to keep yourself well hydrated.
  • Add some good sources of magnesium such as leafy veggies, seeds, soybeans, nuts, avocado, fish, bananas and dark chocolate to your diet. Magnesium is helpful in converting glucose into energy, which in turn helps through increased stamina and endurance.
  • Include some foods rich in complex carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes, brown bread, etc. to your diet.
  • Exercise regularly and include a good mix of yoga poses, squats, lunges, burpee and jump squats to your exercise regime for maximum benefits.
  • Finally, sleep well.

While these lifestyle changes can have a significantly long-lasting and better outcome; wouldn’t it be great to have an alternative that can help you regain your lost stamina and endurance and keep up with it as well?

Boosts energy levels for enhanced performance

It is a well-known fact that to achieve their peak performance level, our body and all the organs that make it up, need the supply of oxygen-rich blood. Thus, in addition to these methods, certain health supplements, like Nature Sure Ganoderma, a proprietary naturally strong stamina and endurance-boosting supplement not just promotes health but enhances your longevity and endurance too.

 From the house of Nature Sure, a leading brand in natural food and health supplements, this supplement can help you naturally rebuild your stamina and endurance by helping your body release more energy and thereby boosting the cellular health and immunity.

 Nature Sure Ganoderma can help reverse some of the damage that lifestyle causes such as smoking and exposure to environmental toxins has done to your body, boosting your stamina by reducing the oxidative stress in the brain.

 Available as capsules, each Nature Sure Ganoderma capsule brings with it a 100% pure, top-grade variety of Ganoderma lucidum, a magical mushroom variety that also goes by the name of Reishi Mushroom or LingZhi, or more popularly the Mushroom of Immortality.

Improves the Quality of Life

The chemical constituents of this naturally occurring medicinal herb that include a wide variety of bioactive molecules such as triterpenoids, polysaccharides, phenols, nucleotides, glycoproteins, and peptidoglycans attribute it its medicinal properties. The mushroom is also rich in all the essential amino acids, especially lysine and leucine. Thus, it finds excellent use in strengthening the body’s immune system and increasing endurance against external harmful substances like tobacco smoke that can be detrimental to the body’s stamina.

Scientific studies on Reishi

Scientific studies confirm that one can reduce their fatigue and improve the quality of life significantly after just four weeks of taking Reishi supplements. Further test-tube studies have also exhibited Reishi’s anti-inflammatory effects on the genes and pathways in white blood cells, the critical part of our immune systems.

Undoubtedly, Nature Sure Ganoderma is the answer to your prayer. So, while you try and quit smoking, start working on your stamina and endurance too.

Start using Nature Sure Ganoderma.


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