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Be it a homemaker, a college student, or a 9 to 5 office-goer, managing hair is a hassle that spares nobody. Your hair just goes from being soft and silky to brittle and damaged in no time. Thinness, roughness, split ends, and hair fall, all become the bearings of a compass, which point to just one thing – hair damage. Other than using super-expensive hair care products, is there some way you can fix damaged hair easily? It’s possible once you understand the reasons your hair gets damaged.

Top Reasons for Damaged Hair


Stress has a huge impact on your tresses. Science has proven that stress causes hair damage by spiking up the cortisol levels. The increased cortisol levels create an imbalance in other hormones, which directly or indirectly affects our hair.

Hair Dyes and Bleaches:

All those chemicals in the hair dyes and bleaches cause trouble for your hair. Dryness, lack of luster, and weak hair are the commonly seen outcomes after dying and bleaching hair.

Heating Devices:

Your favorite curling rod or straightener may give you the perfect hairstyle, but it makes your hair imperfect, eventually, by burning or even charring your hair. These tools rob the moisture in your hair, leaving them lustre-less and dry like hay.

Skipping the Hairdresser’s Appointments:

It is true that getting a haircut every few months helps maintain your hair better. Don’t be surprised if you develop split ends after skipping the regular haircuts, hair conditioning, and “must follow” hair care routines.

Pollution and binge-eating junk instead of eating healthy food are some more reasons for damaged hair. In fact, the list of reasons for getting damaged hair only gets longer. Now that you know what causes hair damage, you are better equipped to take extra care of your hair and fix the damage for good. We have compiled here a list of the best hair hacks for the upcoming party season, so you can slay every party you are at!

 Damage Control

Following is a list of remedies to fix damaged hair. They are proven, helpful, and have lasting benefits:

Hair Masks:

Hair masks or conditioning treatments may not give you jaw-dropping results, but you will definitely notice that they create a seal on your hair, keeping it safe from dryness and split ends. Opt for a hair mask once every fortnight to lock in some moisture.

Skip the heat:

Even if the latest supermodel’s wavy hair is in your mind for your upcoming party, skip that curling rod. Go for the non-heating methods or let the natural texture and pattern of your hair take the spotlight. You get to be the confident you and your hair gets to be in its best health.

Eat and Beat Hair Damage:

Your hair is nothing but chains of proteins. Eating a protein-rich diet will not just help with improving your muscles but also your hair! Protein reconstructs and gives strength and health to your hair from the roots until the tips. This surely will be your favorite remedy because it is the best of both worlds – eating and getting healthier hair ;)

Massage your hair with Nature Sure Jonk Oil:

They say you can’t build a tower on a weak foundation. Well, the same applies to your hair. Unless the scalp and the roots of the hair are strengthened, getting damage-free healthy hair is quite impossible. Massaging your hair with an ayurvedic therapy oil like Nature Sure Jonk Oil can do miracles for your hair.

The hirudin-enriched super-nutritive jonk tail (leech oil) takes care of nourishing your scalp, providing nutrition to the hair shaft and roots, and cures alopecia. Basically, it’s an all-in-one package for your hair. The oil increases circulation to hair follicles, allowing for better absorption of nutrients from the scalp.

So do some champi with Nature Sure Jonk Oil and reap benefits you never thought possible with a hair oil massage.

Reduce Stress:

Reducing stress is creating better health for your body and your hair. Let your hair get the benefits of meditation, the soothing aromas or the calming sound therapy too.

Achieving damage-free, lustrous and healthy hair should seem as easy as drinking a glass of water to you now. Follow these easy tips sand have a good hair day every day!

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