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It is no wonder composers write soulful songs about gorgeous flowing hair; beautiful hair feels good, looks good, and apparently sounds good in a song too. Some women out there are blessed with the perfect hair any girl can dream of, while most of us simply strive to get the perfect mane of hair by trying out a plethora of hair products week after week. Awesome hair or not, you have to take care of your hair. We’ve shortlisted some kickass hacks to help your hair slay the just-out-from-the-salon look at all times.

Wash Your Hair The Right Way

Your shampoo bottle may have a list of all the ingredients that are good for your hair. But, if you don’t use your shampoo the right way, you are simply denying yourself the potential benefits from all those ingredients. To begin with, rinse your hair with water; apply a small rupee-coin sized amount of shampoo on your roots. Next, DON’T scrub your hair! But massage gently.

You do not have to work on the ends of your hair just yet. Next, wash off your hair and apply conditioner starting from mid-length of the hair until the ends. Give it a final rinse after this and dry your hair by gently squeezing it with a soft towel. Do not rub your hair with a dry cloth or towel because this can deal serious damage to your hair.

Quit The Shiny Hair Sprays; Go Au Naturel

Few sprays of the glossy hair spray make your hair more manageable, untangles the dreadlocks, and gives an instant shine to your hair. How long did this shiny, glossy look last? Not long enough right? The sassy hairsprays seem to be effective only for a while. Your hair turns back to its former rough and frizzy self within no time. Use argan oil instead. Add some argan oil in a spray container and carry it with you. Get a lasting sheen on your hair with an enriching, natural and effective hairspray that lasts long and keeps your hair shining. Make sure to use a small amount each time, so that your hair doesn’t become oily or clumpy. Shine on!


Chomp Down On Omega-3 Fats

Munch on the walnuts and almonds that your mom has been telling you to since you were 3! These nuts are loaded with vitamin E that will very soon give you a shiny truckload of tresses! While you’re at your desk or just chilling on your couch, the omega-3 fats in these nuts are hard at work ;) Eggs, sardines, and salmon are other good sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

Do The Champi

A good “champi," aka a head massage, with some warm hair oil, feels nothing less than bliss. Other than the bliss you feel, your hair actually repairs its damages with the help of that oil massage. Further, if you are using one of the best hair oils like Nature Sure Jonk Oil, the benefits are guaranteed. Nature Sure has formulated a hair oil using the well-known and goodness of leeches that give your hair superior protection against hair loss and dandruff. The hirudin in the oil helps increase the blood circulation to your hair, making more room for nourishment and healthy, natural hair growth. Nature Sure Jonk Oil is packed with natural anti-fungal properties that fight off fungal infections and give you dandruff-free hair.


Use Heat Protective Products

Although skipping the curling rod or the straightener is the key to damage-free hair, sometimes you need them just to get that perfect look. If you can’t skip the heat, you could at least protect your hair from the heat. Before you plug in your blow drier or hit the heat button on the hair straightener, dab some heat-protecting cream or serum on your hair. This will give you the desired hair look with less hair damage.

Step out with your pals or attend a party with shinier, glossier, and healthier hair using these five secret tips and give the “live long” blessing to your hair.


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