Nature Sure Rogan Jaitun Oil a base of olive oil with the high constitution of antioxidants. The oil is known for health benefits, and it is associated with many kinds of benefits for the body.  The anti-aging oxidants of Rogan Jaitun Oil delay the aging process, and it has been showing a positive effect on skin, hair, and nails.

Olive oil is produced from olive fruit. It can be used for the dietary purpose as well as external usages. It has been taking over the cosmetic world with a storm and is also used as home remedy for healthier skin, nails, and hair.

What is Jaitun Oil?

Jaitun oil is nothing but olive oil. Scientifically olives are fruits of Olea Europea – the oil that is expressed from the olives. Olive oil composition varies and depends on the climate, altitude, time of harvest and the extraction process. The oil contains mainly oleic acid, a smaller amount of fatty acid, palmitic acid and linoleic acid. The best quality of olive oil is provided by Nature sure Rogan Jaitun Oil that has the particular olives with superior quality that are used to produced beneficial oil.

Why use Jaitun Oil?

There are numerous benefits of Jaitun oil as it restores the moisture of the damaged skin and rehydrates and results in a glowing, healthy skin. It delays the aging process and keeps the skin young and healthy. It prevents the body from losing its elasticity due to which it does not show the signs of stretch marks. It has also been proved out to be an excellent moisturizer as it prevents the pores from getting clogged; hence, leaving a supple and smooth skin. It is also helpful when it comes to removing the dead skin by exfoliating the dead cells by penetrating deep into the pores. The regular massage by Jaitun oil on hair initiates regrowth of hair and repairs the damaged ones. This results in beautiful, shiny and healthier hair.

Jaitun oil can be used to treat many ailments and diseases related to skin, hair, and nails when applied externally. The oil can be utilized on the outside to avoid the occurrence of skin cancer due to the high intensity of ultraviolet rays. The oil can also be applied to hair. Whether you want to mix it with other ingredients, such as eggs and yogurt, or not is entirely your call. If used before taking a bath, it can reduce dandruff and can result in a shiny, thick long hair.

Nature Sure Jaitun Oil can be used as an excellent remedy for psoriasis and another skin diseases. A half spoon of oil mixed with honey and applied on the skin can retain moisture and can give immense relief.

Scientifically proven Benefits of Jaitun Oil

Jaitun oil is known accurately to cure dry skin, extra dry feet and elbows, the sunburns, rashes, wounds, and insect bites. The oil can be applied to the affected area on a daily basis. There are several proven cases where the oil has helped in healing the dryness. Extra dry feet and elbows cannot be treated with moisturizing agents, when massaged with the Jaitun oil, it has shown improvement in the condition. Leaving the affected area open for a while, after applying the oil, can give relief in insect bite and rashes.

Researchers have shown that it can be used for removing the dirt and makeup. Therefore even professionals prefer using it. Compared to the creams and lotions that can remove makeup, Jaitun oil can be a natural cleanser.

Soaking the nails in a tray of Jaitun oil proves to improve the cuticles. This can result in healthy nails and prevents it from breakage. It is a proven natural conditioner for hair, it enhances the hair growth and reduces hair fall. When applied with lemon and yogurt it reduces dandruff; several tests were conducted to prove the same. It is applied before shaving the hair on hands and legs. It protects the skin from cuts and bruises and provides moisture, acting as a lubricant.

Are there any side effects of Nature Sure Jaitun Oil?

While it is used for many positive effects, it has few side effects, if used in a wrong way or excess. When applied in access to the skin, it leads to acne problems. Some people are sensitive to Jaitun oil, if any symptoms are seen, it is better to avoid the same. It is not safe for some baby skin in case of any rashes; it has to be avoided in such situations. It is not suitable for dry skin it may cause rashes and blackheads in few cases. In such cases of rashes and allergies, immediately consult a health advisor and immediately stop using the oil. But this rarely happens, that is why the oil is used widely.

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