Blame it on the genes or the stressful lifestyle, hair loss is the white elephant in the room a lot of us are dealing with. But hey, hair loss isn’t that bad! You can be bald and still sexy; all you need to do is style it like a pro ;). Hair styling tips Life is about...

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Possible Solutions for Alopecia, Baldness and Hair Fall

Alopecia areata is a genetic disease that has become a major risk factor worldwide for anxiety and depression. In this condition, your immune system targets your hair follicles, making you lose hair in blotches. Scientists say alopecia is not just genetic, but is also...

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Are herbal mosquito repellents effective?

Why even think of 'herbal' mosquito repellents? While sitting in a garden, eating a wonderful meal at a picnic, or just relaxing in the balcony, mosquitoes always make sure to join the party uninvited. As per the World Health Organization, mosquitoes are one of the...

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Leverage the magic of castor oil for hair and glowing skin

Let us analyse the benefits of castor oil for hair growth, hair loss and glowing skin. Castor oil ( Ricinus Communis) is the oil derived from castor beans. For many years, castor oil has been used for treating numerous problems. Some of the people may think of it as...

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Benefits of Castor Oil by Nature Sure

There are several benefits of castor oil for a glowing and beautiful skin. Derived from the seeds of the castor plant, castor oil is known for being a rich source of ricinoleic acid, which is a fatty acid. Due to its high content of ricinoleic acid, castor oil is a...

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Skin Benefits of Rogan Jaitun Tail, You must try once!

Skin benefits of rogan jaitun tail are numerous. Rogan Jaitun Tail, also known as Olive Oil, is made by squeezing the olive fruit and extracting the oil from it. Olive oil is produced by pressing olives, and it is available in various forms and has different uses. It...

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