Kalonji Oil ( Nigella Sativa) also known as Black Cumin Seed is the magical remedy to fuel hair growth. It is highly useful in stopping hair loss and scalp treatment. Kalonji Oil ( black seed) contains antioxidants and fatty acids which makes it the best hair growth promoter. It stimulates the nourishment and blood circulation to hair follicle which further helps in cleansing and strengthening the hair and scalp. Rich with vitamins and acids, Kalonji Oil ( Black Seed) is  rapidly absorbed into the skin and nourishes the hair follicle.

In a scientific research of patients suffering with one form of Alopecia (Telogen effluvium),  It was found that the 70% of patients who used Kalonji Oil has shown significant results. The use of Kalonji Oil increased the hair density and hair thickness significantly and also reduced the scalp’s inflammation. Kalonji Oil ( Black Seed) is used around the world for hair re-growth  and reversing the symptom of baldness. Kalonji Oil is the finest sword against hair fall, hair loss and baldness.  Kalonji Oil is full of potent properties which nourishes hair and scalp.

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