Role of kalonji oil as a home remedy for diabetes management

Role of kalonji oil as a home remedy for diabetes management

Kalonji Oil as home remedy for diabetes management:

Natural oils suggested by our grandmother for food recipes and beauty care are now being used in healthcare as well. They are useful as an add-on therapy along with medications for many diseases. Diabetes is one such chronic disease that requires constant medication. Medications for diabetes can control blood sugar levels if taken appropriately; however, they can have a multitude of side effects and also burn a hole in your pocket. Natural oils such as Nature Sure’s  Kalonji Oil work as a natural medicine for diabetes so that the need and side effects of medications are reduced. Kalonji oil, made from black cumin seeds, is a natural oil known to be beneficial in the treatment of diabetes.

Natural remedies do help in diabetes treatment

Herbal remedies for diabetes have become the treatment of choice for many diabetic patients. Many spices and herbs claim to lower blood sugar levels; however, natural oils have the benefit over the spices and herbs for diabetes in being versatile in their use. For example, the bottle of kalonji oil is easier to carry, and the oil can be consumed as is or with warm water,it can be used as a salad dressing or can be applied to the skin and hair. Kalonji oil, when consumed,improves metabolism, lowers blood sugar, and helps in the prevention and management of diabetes.The best part about it is that there won’t be any serious side effects because it is all natural.

Here’s why kalonji oil should be the choice of natural medicine for your diabetes treatment

Kalonji oil or black seed oil is technically called Nigella sativa. It has been famous in the traditional holistic medicine systems for over 2000 years as kalonji powders or oil. The oil has many beneficial qualities such as improving fertility, treating infections, having antimicrobial and anticancer properties, and manymore.Over 600 research studies have proved that kalonji oil can be used in the treatment of about 130 diseases including diabetes, Alzheimer, Parkinson’s, and hypertension.

Let’s find out which properties of kalonji oil help in the management of diabetes.

  1. Antioxidant properties: One of the main constituents found in Nature SureKalonji oil is thymoquinone.Antioxidants reduce diabetic complications. Thymoquinoneis shown to haveantioxidant properties as well as to decrease cholesterol levels. Reports suggest that this compound not only helps treat diabetes, but also helps in the treatment of other serious conditions like asthma and encephalomyelitis.
  2. Improves body metabolism and helps with weight loss: Obesity or excess body weight is one of the major factors that contribute tothe risk of developing diabetes. Thus, losing the excess body weight is necessary to preventor manage diabetes. Along with gyming and walking, just having a portion of NatureSureKalonji oil can help you lose weight. Research says among all global plant-based remedies, black seed oil was found to be the most effective treatmentfor obesity. Research trials also showed that black seed oil reduced waist circumference and body mass index (BMI). And guess what, this natural oil has all of these weight loss benefits without any serious side effects!
  3. Balances cholesterol:Managing cholesterol levels has become crucial not only for controlling diabetes, but also for many other serious diseases.An animal experiment proved that kalonji oil helps in the management of high cholesterol. Therefore, it appears that kalonji oil can help manage high cholesterol as well as high blood sugar levels.

Besides being an excellent remedy for managing diabetes, Nature Sure’s kalonji oil can also be used for treating skin problems, nourishing the hair, protecting vital organs like the kidneys and brain, helping lactating mothers secrete breast milk,as a herbal medicine for body pain, coping with period cramps, boosting immunity, and much more.

To work toward reducing your prescription list of anti-diabetic medications,make kalonji oil your natural medicine for diabetes.Nature Sure’s kalonji oil is a 100% natural solution for your diabetes management. Whether you apply it on your body or consume it, you are bound to see the benefits of kalonji oil on your health.

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Benefits of Nature Sure Kalonji Oil-Natural Remedy for All Diseases except Death

Benefits of Nature Sure Kalonji Oil-Natural Remedy for All Diseases except Death

Kalonji Oil natural remedy for all diseases except death, is studied by medical science for its proven results in several diseases. We are all living in a very stressful time these days where not only are we undergoing a lot of physical stress, but we also have end number of mental problems and stress to deal with. In such circumstances, it is but natural that our bodies are going to suffer the consequences of constantly living in such a highly stressful atmosphere. Many lifestyle diseases have taken a common place now such as diabetes, hypertension, migraines, etc. In such situations, there are many natural remedies that we can opt for in order to tackle these situations even before they arise and to deal with them if we are already suffering.

One remedy for many diseases – Nature Sure Kalonji Oil

Kalonji oil natural remedy, is being used by many people for years to treat common ailments and now Nature Sure has made it easy for everyone to have access to this wonderful herb of nature. One can say that it is truly nature’s miracle.

What is Kalonji Oil?

For the uninitiated, kalonji seeds are also known as black seeds. Scientifically, Kalonji is known as Nigella sativa. It is the seeds from a yearly flowering plant that is usually found across South and South-West Asia. Many people also refer to these as black cumin seeds or kala jeera across the Indian subcontinent. Kalonji or black cumin seeds are used widely in India and many Middle Eastern countries as a spice. Kalonji seeds generally have a bitter and pungent taste. Kalonji oil is made from the cold pressing of the Nigella sativa seeds. Oil samples are then stored at around 4-5 degree Celsius and need to be protected from sunlight on a general level.

So why to use Kalonji Oil?

Well, for starters, kalonji oil is made from the seeds of kalonji that contain over 100 components and also has excellent healing properties. For thousands of years now, kalonji oil has been used as a cure for treating headaches, toothaches, skin diseases, hair fall and nasal congestion. In fact, it is known as an excellent cure for dandruff and eczema, as well as dry skin.

Why Buy Nature Sure Kalonji Oil?

Well with the widespread availability of so many different types of oils in the market today, you must be wondering why you should choose Nature Sure kalonji oil. Well, for starter’s Nature Sure Kalonji oil is a sure shot way of curing joint pain. Today, one of the most frequent complaints of people, both males, and females and both old and young, is that they are suffering from a back pain. Frequent hours spent hunched over the computer, frequent and long hours driving and on the road and many such factors are contributing to a poor posture and thus leads to many aching joints in the body.

Nature Sure Kalonji oil is an excellent remedy for curing these joint pains. A mixture of a half teaspoon of Nature Sure kalonji oil, one cup vinegar and 2 teaspoons of honey, applied twice a day over the inflicted joints can give immense relief.

Another frequent complaint that goes along with our stressful lifestyles these days is that of headaches. Many people suffer from frequent headaches and even migraines have become an everyday problem for many. Nature Sure Kalonji oil is a boon for curing these headaches as well. Guess what? It will even save you the trouble of popping in yet another pain killer! All you need to do is rub some Nature Sure kalonji oil on your forehead and relax. You will notice visible relief within minutes. It is indeed true that nothing works like natural remedies.

Nature Sure Kalonji oil can also do wonders in keeping that smile white and bright. Take care of all your dental troubles today by gently massaging your teeth and gums with Nature Sure kalonji oil mixed with some curd. Try this twice a day and watch your dental troubles vanish within 15 days. Not only will this strengthen your gums, but it will take care of issues such as bleeding gums, swelling of gums, sensitive and weak teeth.

Scientifically proving the Benefits of Kalonji Oil natural remedy for many diseases

Don’t think that this is just yet another Internet hoax claim that Kalonji oil works wonders! In fact, the benefits of kalonji oil have been proven since as far back as 1959! Research has been carried out by major international universities and scientific journals, confirming the effectiveness of black seed oil. For example, scientists at the Cancer and Immuno-Biological Laboratory were able to prove that Kalonji oil stimulates the formation of bone marrow and immune cells in the body. Egyptian researchers, Mahfouz and El-Dakhakhny, showed how there are over 100 different chemical components in the seed of Kalonji and how each component helps towards something or the other in the body. Overall, more than 200 universities have conducted studies on the subject of the benefits of kalonji seeds and kalonji oil and today Nature Sure has brought this beneficial product right to your doorstep.

Are there are side effects of Nature Sure kalonji oil?

While Nature Sure kalonji oil is safe for consumption for everyone in general, it is still advisable to once consult your medical provider before you start having it. If you are pregnant, it is best to avoid using kalonji oil as kalonji oil is known to induce menstruation.

So, let us today ponder over the healing properties of kalonji oil or black seed oil and think about whether we want to better the quality of our lives through a completely 100% natural and easy solution. One product with so many benefits is indeed hard to find. Let’s say no to leading a stressful life today and start using Nature Sure kalonji oil to move towards a better and stress-free life.

Nature Sure Kalonji Oil ( Nigella Sativa, Black Cumin Seed) is available on all eCommerce portals. You can buy Nature Sure Kalonji Oil at your favorite store like Amazon, Flipkart, SnapDeal and others. Enjoy the benefits of Nature Sure Kalonji Oil natural remedy for all diseases except death.

Benefits of Kalonji Oil ( Nieglla Sativa, Black Cumin Seed)

How to use Nature Sure Kalonji Oil for best of your health and beauty

How to use Nature Sure Kalonji Oil for best of your health and beauty

The benefits of Kalonji Oil for best of your health and beauty are scientifically proven. There are more than 100 health and beauty related problems where science has proven the effectiveness of Kalonji. In the stressful times that we live in, it is imperative that we take care of ourselves. Though there is no dearth of products available on the market today for using, we need to ask ourselves which product is ideal for us and also consider if they have any side effects that will cause harm to us. In such situations, natural products are what come into play. One such product that is a golden boon of nature is Nature Sure kalonji oil.

What is Nature Sure Kalonji Oil?

Kalonji or black seeds are scientifically known as Nigella sativa and the oil derived from kalonji seeds are known as kalonji oil. Kalonji is known as an ayurvedic herb and is proven world over for its healing and curing abilities. Due to its protective and curing powers, kalonji oil is often known as a ‘miracle cure’.

Why should you use Nature Sure Kalonji Oil for best of your health and beauty?

Nature Sure has developed kalonji oil that is totally organic and natural and has been developed from pure herbs i.e. black cumin seed. It is 100% pure and has no known side effects. In fact, Prophet Hazrat Muhammad had once remarked that kalonji is the cure for all known diseases on the planet, except death. Nature Sure kalonji oil acts as an antiseptic and can help in curing many diseases such as joint pains, baldness, hair fall, gum diseases, etc. In a world where adulterated products are available dime a dozen, Nature Sure kalonji oil comes as a breath of fresh air as you can use it without having a fear in your heart of what the quality will be. Here is the list of several benefits of Kalonji oil for best of your health and beauty.

Nutritional Composition of Nature Sure Kalonji Oil

Nature Sure kalonji oil is made up of many beneficial nutrients and minerals. Not only it is 100% organic and pure, the black seeds of kalonji are a rich source of potassium, iron, calcium and sodium. Nature Sure kalonji oil has a high content of dietary fibre in the form of glucose, xylose, arabinose, etc., all of which are extremely important for the body for daily growth and repair of wear and tear. Also present in Nature Sure kalonji oil are a total of 15 amino acids, which are good for infant growth and formation of many vitamins and minerals in the body. These micronutrients and minerals make an effective remedy out of kalonji oil for best of your health and beauty.

Using Nature Sure Kalonji Oil for Hair Loss

Kalonji oil is a proven remedy for making hair stronger and smoother. It is known to cure baldness. You simply need to rub Nature Sure kalonji oil on the head twice daily. You can also mix a little bit of lime juice into a cup of Nature sure kalonji oil and rub it on your head to prevent hair fall. This can be done once or twice in a week.

Using Nature Sure Kalonji Oil for Migraine

 Nature Sure kalonji oil is extremely effective in curing migraine and generalized headaches. Massaging your forehead or head with Nature Sure kalonji oil is known to be effective in giving relief from headaches. Rubbing of kalonji oil near the ears is also known to be beneficial in curing headaches.

Using Nature Sure Kalonji Oil for Beauty Treatment

Kalonji oil is known to be beneficial when used as an herbal beauty treatment. One of the finest beauty tips for the face that you can do easily is to apply a mixture of one teaspoon Nature Sure Rogan Jaitun Oil ( Olive Oil) and half a teaspoon of kalonji oil and rub it on your face. Leave it on your face for half an hour and then wash it off with a mild soap. Continue doing this for a week and watch the transformation in your face. Skin becomes bright and glowing and free from blemishes.

For getting glowing skin, you can also mix two teaspoons of honey, half a teaspoon of Nature Sure kalonji oil and half a teaspoon of Nature Sure Rogan Jaitun Oil (olive oil). After mixing all three oils properly, apply it on your face and neck area twice daily for one month continuously. This mixture is helpful in keeping the skin smooth, glowing and also blemish free. It also gets rid of any black spots on the skin.

Using Nature Sure Kalonji Oil for Joint Pains

 Nature Sure kalonji oil is a known herbal and organic remedy for pain relief with no side effects also. You can either use kalonji oil alone or also in combination with other herbs to provide relief from pain. For example, using one teaspoon of vinegar and half a teaspoon of Nature Sure kalonji oil and massaging the inflicted area twice a day will provide immense relief from pain. Even simply using Nature Sure kalonji oil for massaging helps relieve the symptoms of arthritis.

As you can see there are myriad reasons for using Nature Sure Kalonji Oil. Not only is it 100% safe, it is also a pure product that can be used for treating various health problems with no tensions.

Nature Sure Kalonji Oil ( Nigella Sativa, Black Cumin Seed) is available at all e-commerce portals like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal.  

Benefits of Kalonji Oil ( Nieglla Sativa, Black Cumin Seed)

Amazing cure for Acne or Hair Loss- Use of Kalonji Oil by Nature Sure

Amazing cure for Acne or Hair Loss- Use of Kalonji Oil by Nature Sure

Use of Kalonji Oil ( Nigella Sativa) to cure acne, hair loss and other skin problems:

Use of Kalonji Oil to cure acne, pimples or hair loss is proven by medical studies. Kalonji Oil is the scientifically proven remedy to treat acne, hair loss, in fact medical studies have proven that Kalonji Oil can help in re-growth of hair.  The Kalonji or the Nigella seeds are small black drop shaped seed. It is used for enhancing the taste of several dishes. There are various names given to these seeds such as Caraway, Kalonji, Nigella Sativa, Habbatul Baraka, Black Seed, Kaluduru, Schwarz Kummel, Fennel Flower, Roman-Coriander, and Fitch.

Apart from the taste and aroma, these seeds are also used to obtain oil, which has enormous medicinal benefits. The benefits of Kalonji oil is also stated in Ayurveda. Though it has a bitter taste, still its very useful. For more than 200 years, Kalonji oil is being used for the internal as well as external treatment of the human body. Mainly here we are talking about the external use of Kalonji Oil.

There is no denial to the fact that Kalonji oil has many uses and benefits but the most important factor is getting pure unadulterated fresh oil. Nature Sure is a brand that provides Kalonji oil ( Nigella Sativa, Black Cumin Seed) with its natural wholesome goodness that can be applied very safely to your body externally.

Let us have a look at the use of kalonji oil and benefits one can get by use of Kalonji Oil of Nature Sure:

Fights Acne & pimples with Kalonji Oil

Use the mixture of Nature Sure Kalonji oil along with lemon juice to revive your skin and to fight with acne. It can keep your skin issues at bay. The ratio is simple, take a full cup of sweet lime juice, mix it with 1/2 teaspoon of Kalonji oil and apply the formed mixture on your face. Use it twice a day and watch your blemishes and acne disappear.

Prevents formation of scars after surgery

Use this amazing kalonji oil to prevent the formation of scars after surgery. Rub it on the area and get scar free skin.

Helps in beard growth

Men willing to have long beard can use Nature Sure Kalonji oil.  The daily use of Nature Sure Kalonji Oil helps in hair re-growth. Use it regularly and see the effects.

Helps to get rid of headache

This is a miracle benefit of the oil. Modern day lifestyle has negatively impacted our well being. Stress and anxiety result in head ache and this can be very well treated by Kalonji oil. Instead of having a medicine it is better to apply the Nature Sure Kalonji Oil on the forehead.

Eases joint pain

For a massage to ease your joint pains or inflamed joint heat Kalonji oil mixed with mustard oil and let it smoke. Once the oil has cooled down apply it directly on the joints to see the pain eradicating away. Best suited for adults, who are witnessing the problem of joint pain, due to aging effects.

Makes teeth stronger

Kalonji was traditionally used to treat bleeding gums, swelling of gums and weak tooth. Visiting a dentist is a necessity but massaging your teeth and gums with Kalonji oil and curd can be very useful to get relief from the pain.

Get relief in cough and cold

Kalonji oil if poured in boiling water and the fumes are taken it works immensely for treating cough and cold. Even the congestion can be cured to a great extent if the vapor of the oil is inhaled.

Treat acidity and stomach pain

Take a little bit of Kalonji oil, heat it and mix hing in it, apply this mixture on your naval and any issues of acidity or digestion can be cured by this.

Piles treatment

Piles is a common issue these days which occurs due to the improper lifestyle and wrong dietary habits. Kalonji oil mixed with a teaspoon of natural vinegar if applied on the affected area for three times a day can prevent the problem of piles.

Low hearing

Kalonji oil is extremely beneficial to solve the ear problems. Heat the Kalonji oil and then let it cool. Once cool put two to three drops of oil in the ears to solve any hearing issues, ear pain or any other ear diseases.

 For tumor and swelling

Kalonji oil if applied to the affected area can reduce the severity of the tumor. The swelling of body parts can also be reduced with the local application or intense massage with the Kalonji oil.

To heal cracked heel

The cracked heels can be cured using the mixture of paraffin wax and Kalonji oil. Heat the Kalonji oil and gradually add Kalonji oil to it. Once the mixture blends well by stirring it can be stored in an air tight container for six months. Apply this cream twice a day to do away with the issue of cracked heels or cracked hands.

One thing should be kept in mind that Kalonji oil has numerous benefits only if the pure oil is used. To avail those benefits one need to buy the Nature Sure Kalonji oil. Nature Sure Kalonji Oil is available on all e-commerce stores, you can buy Nature Sure Kalonji Oil at Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal. Use the Nature Sure Kalonji oil to get all the amazing benefits for your body, hair, and skin.

Benefits of Kalonji Oil ( Nieglla Sativa, Black Cumin Seed)

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Nature Sure Kalonji Oil (Nigella Sativa, Black Cumin Seed)

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Nature Sure Kalonji Oil (Nigella Sativa, Black Cumin Seed)

10 Health Benefits of Nature Sure Kalonji Oil (Nigella Sativa, Black Cumin Seed)

Health benefits of Nature Sure Kalonji Oil are numerous. The use of Kalonji oil goes back to the history; one might see the use in many historical scriptures 4500 years ago. It is originated from the Mediterranean region and has been used well in and around Asia, Europe, and Africa. Kalonji oil has the power to treat several diseases and is quite useful in strengthening the immune system and help fight the deficiencies of the human body. People from East Asia to West Asia, the Egyptians, Romans, and Arabs are using it, without even knowing the advantages of the miraculous potency of Kalonji for centuries. Even the Kings and Queens used to have it to improve their health and appearance and keep it as a magical gem.

Kalonji Oil (Nigella Sativa, Black Cumin Seed)

‘Nigella Sativa’ is the scientific name given to these black seeds, commonly known as Kalonji, black cumin, or black seeds. In the late 1900’s, the researchers actually explored the miraculous benefits of these medicated seeds.

Kalonji oil contains more than 100 components which act as a healer and can be applied to several skin infections such as Psoriasis, Eczema, Dry skin and scalp massage. These are a few external uses of the oil. It can be used for the treatment of Asthma, Arthritis, strengthening the Immune system and for other internal ailments. Kalonji oil proves to be quite effective in rebalancing the digestive system and overall functioning of the human body. It promotes good liver health, fights cancer, treats diabetes, helps with weight loss and comes with many more beneficial effects for the common man.

Studies have proved that Kalonji oil is an effective antioxidant, antibacterial, and an anti-inflammatory remedy. It is widely used to heal and fight infections, yet several people are not aware of its benefits. It contains more than hundred valuable nutrients which are essential for the human body. It contains approximately 21% protein, 38% carbohydrates, 35% plant fat, and oils. It is also rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. Know the health benefits of Nature Sure Kalonji oil and Buy the best Kalonji oil from Nature Sure available at Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and other e-commerce stores.

Some very common tips and health benefits of Nature Sure Kalonji oil are listed below-

 1. Asthma Attack

If a few drops of Kalonji oil is added to boiling water and the fumes are inhaled, it provides relief from the asthma attack. In earlier days Kalonji oil was applied to upper lip as well to avoid an asthma attack.

2. Bleeding of nose

Generally, children suffer from the problem of nose bleeding in the summer season. For its treatment, you need to burn a clean white paper and add 20 drops of Kalonji oil to the ashes, and then apply it inside the nose to get its beneficial results.

3. Burns

5 grams of Kalonji oil mixed with 30 grams of olive oil, 15 grams of the thalamus and 80 grams of Mehndi leaves, mixed together is best suited in treating burns. By applying the mixture on the skin, one can get a cool and soothing feeling.

4. Dandruff

To get rid of dandruff permanently, you need to make a mixture of 10 grams of Kalonji oil, 30 grams of olive oil and 30 grams of Mehndi. Heat the mixture. Apply the paste to the scalp after cooling it. Then shampoo your hair after an hour. This would give you a dandruff-free scalp.

5. Ear infection

Take a few drops of Kalonji oil, mix it with pure olive oil, mildly warm it and put into the ear. It can heal ear infections very effectively.

6. Fever treatment

When a person is having a simple fever, it can be treated by giving cold compress with Kalonji oil in cold water. The temperature will subside with this treatment. Even the cramps that result due to fever can be treated with the very application of the Kalonji oil.

7. Hair loss

Use lime juice to massage your head, at least for 20 minutes and then wash it with herbal shampoo. Let your hair dry, and then apply Kalonji oil. To get positive results, continue this process for 15 days. You can also make a paste with 30 gms of olive oil, 10 gms of Kalonji oil, heat it and add 30 gms of Mehndi powder in it. Apply the paste on your scalp after cooling it, once in a week.

8. Glowing face

Prepare a mixture of honey and Kalonji oil, apply it for half an hour daily and you will get a glowing skin.

9. Dry Skin

Kalonji oil is a boon for those who want a cure for dry skin. Use Kalonji oil, black seed powder, and Sesame seed oil; mix them well to form a paste. Use it regularly for a week and see the changes in your skin texture.

10. Long healthy hairs

Massage the oil on daily basis to get strong healthy hairs as it has the ability to strengthen the hair follicles resulting in strong hair roots.

There are several benefits of Nature Sure Kalonji oil, but one can get the best out of it only if he/she is using the quality Oil. Buy unadulterated pure Kalonji oil from the house of Nature Sure and see the miracles yourself.


Benefits of Kalonji Oil ( Nieglla Sativa, Black Cumin Seed)

benefits of Nature Sure Kalonji oil



Liver is an important organ of the body which has high rate of metabolism. The oxidative stress or damage caused by free radicals can induce liver damage. Kalonji ( Black Seed, Nigella Sativa) helps in preventing the production of free radicals and enhances antioxidant defense system which reduces the adverse effect on liver. With its free radical scavenger properties and enhancement of antioxidant defense in body, various medical studies have proven the effect of Kalonji in preventing and protecting liver damage. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Kalonji makes it the best tonic for liver.

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