Either we fret too much about hair fall or we get so used to it that we stop paying heed to hair loss. Losing 50 to 100 hair strands in a day is normal. Paying attention to hair loss is important because losing more than 100 hair strands each day spells an underlying problem. Typically, the culprits for hair loss are the fluctuating hormones, the stress of your annoying manager, the new hair color or hair straightening process that you went in for, more intense procedures like chemotherapy that you had to undergo, or just a bad experience with a hair care product.

Let’snot churn the butter any more than we need to; it’s 2018, and managing hair loss has become better and easier than before. You do not have to deal with thin hair or the embarrassing bald patches on your scalp with hair wigs anymore. A little bit of style is all you need to pull off a “good hair day” look even while dealing with hair loss. Following are some hair loss styling tips that women of all ages dealing with hair loss can use to bring sexy back:

Hide it with color

Don’t step out of the hair color game because you have a receding hair line; in fact, use it to your advantage. You just have to use the right color and the right technique. Use a darker shade on the scalp area and color the remaining hair with one shade lighter. It will create the illusion of a denser and fuller scalp and will cover up the balding spots effortlessly. Imagined the look?Go for it!

Avoid the ponytail or the braid

There’s nothing wrong with ponytails, braids, or cornrows; they just pull too strongly on the delicate hair roots and can cause hair thinning or hair loss. If you wish to go for the ponytail or braid look, use an elastic hair tie. Use hair ties without any studded elements so that your hair doesn’t get tangled in them and break further. The elastic hair tie will slide off with ease without adding to hair loss woes.

Beat the heat

Straightening wands, curlers, and all those devices that style your hair in a jiffy are so cool. Simply hit the “on” button, and the hair styling tool will do the work with a few strokes. Without a doubt, it gives you a flawless hairstyle, but it has a fatal flaw – hair damage!

When that hair straightener or curling iron stays for too long on one part of your hair, it chars your hair. You have to keep moving it every few seconds so that it doesn’t burn your hair, but you will end up spending more electricity and time! Look out for non-heat hair styling options or use a heat-protecting spray before you opt for a procedure that uses such a device; it will help reduce the damage to your hair.

Pick hair products wisely

The cosmetic industry has recognized hair loss and balding as a huge concern among women and has introduced an abundance of hair loss products. It is difficult to choose from a number of promising products, but you must choose the right one.Choose hair products that contain minerals and essential nutrients that will help improve your hair growth and blood circulation.

Don’t skip the massage

While styling your hair is a part of your beauty routine, don’t forget to nourish your hair. Massaging your hair with a good hair oil makes it even better. Nature Sure has introduced a hair oil that is 100% natural and effective for hair loss treatment. Jonk Tail made from leeches makes for a must-have product in your hair loss regime as leeches increase blood circulation, provide nourishment to the scalp, help treat scalp infections, dandruff, and promote hair growth.

But, since leech therapy is not possible every day, Nature Sure has infused the benefits of leech therapy in their jonk oil! The oil contains Hirudin that is extremely beneficial for hair growth. Move your fingertips slowly in a circular motion on your scalp, massaging in the Nature Sure Jonk Tail. It will enhance your hair growth while making you feel relaxed.

Eat right, grow hair right

You get bored and head to the fridge for some junk. Instead, munch on some nuts, beans, fish, lean meat, and greens. They are rich in zinc, iron, and vitamin B12, which will help revive your thinning hair.

Even if you get too busy with work or travel, carry some bite-sized healthy foods to munch on. Dietary supplements can also help, as they will get you the benefit of many foods in one pill!. Ignore the hair-shaming gaze with style. Follow these styling tips and deal with hair loss like a boss. 😉

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Hair loss is the commonest problem among all age groups today. Thick, healthy, and shiny hair is on the beauty list of not just women, but many men too.

Stress, pollution, a busy schedule, improper diet, or a combination of these factors has led to the loss of hair at a very early age in both men and women. Everyone you meet will suggest you a new hair fall remedy to regrow your crowning glory, but do they really do the trick?

Hair oils for thicker, shinier, and longer hair

Many research data suggest that hair loss in women is mostly due to nutritional deficiency and hence fish oils come into the picture of therapy for hair loss. Some commonly used oils that are included in formulations to prevent hair loss are jojoba oil, argan oil, grape seed oil, etc.

Natural therapies are free of side effects and, at the same time, produce results that are long lasting.This makes them preferable over the available chemical treatments that come with side effects. The commonly used natural hair oils for preventing and treating hair loss use oils like coconut, almond, and hibiscus. All these hair oils have been used traditionally to prevent hair loss by regular application and can act as a perfect hair fall solution for you. Pamper your hair with a good hot oil massage, and it may help make your hair thicker. However, can they really prevent hair loss? Not sure about others, but Nature Sure’s Jonk Tail gives a big resounding YES! It is a must for preventing and arresting hair loss and is a unique holistic treatment to say a permanent goodbye to hair loss that you must absolutely add to your hair care routine.

Jonk Tail: Your Rescue Therapy

Jonk Tail, also known as leech oil, has been used for centuries because of the tremendous benefits of being an immune booster, anti-aging, skin tightener, anti-acne agent. It has many proteins and nutrients that make it useful in treating skin and hair issues. Leeches are the blood-sucking parasites that kill the cause of hair loss, i.e., the fungal and bacterial infections on the scalp that might be the reason for your hair fall. The antibacterial and antifungal activities of leech oil make Nature Sure’s Jonk Tail preferable over other oils.

Nature Sure’s Jonk Tail is packed with nutrients that play a key role in hair regrowth and prevent hair loss. The constituents of this oil are:

  1. Hirudin: It comes from the saliva of the leech and improves blood circulation in the scalp, which ultimately promotes hair growth.
  2. Nitric oxide: It relaxes hair follicles, promotes blood circulation in the scalp, and releases the growth hormone.The enhanced blood circulation improves nutrient delivery to the scalp, helping overcome nutritional deficiencies to a certain extent. This promotes the growth of new hair while arresting existing hair loss.

Jonk Tail is a miraculous treatment for all hair problems.It is widely used for its effectiveness in fighting alopecia and baldness, and its antibacterial and antifungal activities make it useful in treating dandruff as well.

The regular use of Jonk Tail helps nourish the scalp and restores thick, shiny, and healthy hair, which is less likely to fall. Nature Sure’s Jonk Tail contains 100% pure jonk oil, which prevents and treats hair loss. Use Nature Sure’s Jonk Tail and bid a farewell to watching strands of broken hair flying all around in the room.

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Blame it on the genes or the stressful lifestyle, hair loss is the white elephant in the room a lot of us are dealing with. But hey, hair loss isn’t that bad! You can be bald and still sexy; all you need to do is style it like a pro ;).

Hair styling tips

Life is about acing the cards dealt to you. If you think wearing a wig or a hat the whole day is your way of dealing with hair loss, then buddy, you’ve been missing out on some seriously useful hair styling hacks. Don’t worry, they do not take much time or effort and are totally worth it! So change your hair game forever:

Barber scissors can do the trick

Just imagine, a hairstyle that makes you look like you never had a hair loss problem. Isn’t that the smartest idea? If you’ve got bald patches in some areas of your scalp or a receding hairline, you can take the help of your barber.

Ask the barber to trim and style your hair in such a way that your balding side appears fuller. Some of the commonly picked hairstyles by balding men are slick back, spikes, crew cut, and the buzz.

Say yes to the right hair care products

While styling your hair, a lightweight hair mousse or hair foam can help you achieve more volume. Avoid using pomades, hair creams, and the heavy-duty hair gels that weigh your hair down. More than helping you style your hair, they just create a wetland of your hair and clump your hair, which can actually expose your bald areas even more.

KISS (keep it short, silly!)

A trimmed haircut is never “too old” in fashion. Did David Beckham or George Clooney ever fail the shaved head look? Of course not! The effortless look just gives an impression of uniform hair in a smart and charming way. A shaved head or a very short hairstyle works for men who have an even shape to the head. So as per your preference, buzz it really short or go bold and go fora clean-shaved scalp.Over and above the hair length, ensuring healthy hair is more important to arrest your hair fall right away.

Eat right!

Yes, eating affects your hair. Have you been snacking on healthy foods for your body? Start snacking healthy and your hair will be healthy too!

Getting the required amounts of iron, vitamin D, zinc, and proteins can improve the quality and quantity of your hair. Instead of investing in expensive hair products that contain these ingredients and charge you a bomb for it, try eating these nutrients directly. Try to have at least one of these hair-healthy foods every day – dates, pomegranates, jaggery, spinach, chickpeas (chana).

Get a hot oil massage

People often focus only on the hair roots and scalp nourishment, but the tips of the hair are equally important. The most effective way of fixing your hair tips is by oiling them. Overnight application of Nature Sure’s Jonk Tail ( Leech Oil) from the hair roots to the tips can give you great hair.

Jonk Tail or leech oil promotes faster hair growth and is known as one of the best natural remedies for baldness. It does not just cure hair problems, but also nourishes the scalp and prevents hair loss, dandruff, and fungus. You definitely need the power of Nature Sure Jonk Tail to triumph over all your hair problems, known and unknown. Jonk oil contains hirudin, which improves blood circulation and ensures better delivery of nutrients to your hair. The nutritional deficiencies that might be causing hair loss are likely to reduce with this oil. Also, the enhanced circulation and healing properties reduce dandruff and fungal infections that are a cause of hair loss.

Massage in some  Nature Sure Jonk Tail at night before sleeping, and let it stay all night. Wash it off the next morning.

No matter how much you filter out your treatment options for hair loss, nothing is going to be as simple and cheap as getting a smart haircut, eating nutritious food, or massaging your hair with Nature Sure Jonk Tail.

Deal with hair loss with style. Our easy and smart tips will help you get your swag back along with your hairline.

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Possible Solutions for Alopecia, Baldness and Hair Fall

Possible Solutions for Alopecia, Baldness and Hair Fall

Alopecia areata is a genetic disease that has become a major risk factor worldwide for anxiety and depression. In this condition, your immune system targets your hair follicles, making you lose hair in blotches. Scientists say alopecia is not just genetic, but is also caused by environmental factors. The hair may grow back, but the balding and hair thinning continues anywhere on the body, mostly on the scalp. People with alopecia have fought their battle, trying to swim across the waters of hateful comments, bullying, and loss of self-confidence to get to the shore of their goals. But yes, the journey isn’t easy for many of them.

The Arising Hair Problem: Alopecia

Alopecia mostly occurs in most people in their thirties or forties, but it could happen at any age. An early beginning of alopecia could lead to a risk of extensive disease in your life. Success rates for the treatment of alopecia are limited, and no cure has been found yet. Soaking up the sun regularly and reducing stress are some of the “make sure” tips that people follow to stay away from further damage and deficiencies in their hair.

Natural Remedies for Alopecia

Nature has provided us with remedies that have helped us treat many diseases and it may have solutions for alopecia too. Licorice root, coconut oil, mustard, honey, etc. are nature’s treatment options which people use to treat alopecia.
Many people also use steroids and immuno-suppressant therapy to treat the alopecia faster; however, they could lead to some unintended side effects. Although all these treatments may help boost hair growth, you would need a solid game changer to deal with alopecia, something which had been mentioned in traditional system of medicine-Ayurveda.

The Power of Leeches to Treat Alopecia

Leeches, also known as jonk, have been used for the treatment of many health conditions. Yes, these tiny slimy, creepy wrigglers can help cure diseases. They have been used in ancient traditions to flush out the harmful toxins and impure blood. Let’s see how they can be helpful in treating alopecia as mentioned in our traditional system of medicine.

  • Strengthen hair follicles: The source of hair loss in alopecia is weak hair follicles, and leech oil ( Jonk Tail) acts on this problem effectively. The leeches improve the concentration and distribution of nutrients to the hair follicles. Nature Sure understands that it isn’t easy for you to go for leech therapy often, so it incorporates the goodness of leech action in their jonk tail
  • Antibacterial: While the jonk oil is at work to help repair alopecia, the antibacterial property of the Nature Sure’s jonk oil also keeps your hair away from fungal infections, which means, you can get hair growth and forget fungal infections and dandruff.
  • .Helps in re-growth of hair: You might have heard this claim from many hair oils but might not have witnessed it. Jonk oil, when applied and massaged in the bald area regularly, promotes natural hair growth by improving blood circulation.Not just helping with the re-growth of hair, it also helps stop hair loss and helps reduce hair fall.

The leeches are tiny but certainly are quite mighty. The benefits of jonk oil serve you with the perfect solution to treat alopecia. Lucky for you, you don’t have to spend hours in the spa for leech therapy or worry about finding the best quality leech oil. Nature Sure provides the effectivity of leeches in the purest and highest quality hair oil.

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Why Jonk (Leech) Oil is one of the best oils to reduce hair fall and promote hair growth

Why Jonk (Leech) Oil is one of the best oils to reduce hair fall and promote hair growth

How Jonk Oil helps in fighting all hair-related problems

Watching yourself lose your hair little by little,seeing it circling away in the drain or lying in clumps on the floor, is concerning for most of us. Not only the fairer sex, but men also have hair loss and dandruff concerns. Let’s accept it, we all have faced it at some point in our lives. It is worrisome and annoying when it seems like nothing can halt the thinning of your hair.

Many factors, internal and external, can be the cause of dandruff or hair loss, but when it comes to remedying this issue,going “all natural” is the safest option. Natural hair oils are being used for hair problems for thousands of years. Some of the most effective and widely used natural hair oils for hair loss and dandruff are:

  • Coconut oil:Coconut oil has lauric acid that fights against bacteria, fungi, and also keeps the hair healthy.
  • Almond oil: Rich in vitamin E, almond oil also has calcium and magnesium that prevents the hair from drying.
  • Castor oil: Castor oil makes sure your hair doesn’t become thin and improves hair growth.

These oils are widely known and commonly used for almost all hair problems, but have you heard of the amazing benefits of a little-known member of the hair oil category, the jonk oil?

What is jonk oil?

Yes, you guessed it right, jonk oil is essentially leech oil! It sounds bizarre, but the use of leeches and leech oil has been popular for hundreds of years. Traditionally, leeches have been used to improve immunity and vitality in men and to achieve beauty benefits like skin tightening,treating acne and blemishes,preventing premature aging and much more.Good quality leech oils contain useful proteins and nutrients that the saliva of leeches contain, like anti-collagen, thrombin, hyaluronidase, etc., which makes them useful in many beauty and health issues including all your hair issues.

Jonk oil: the best hair oil?

Often infections lead to itching, hair loss, and dandruff. Leeches are blood-sucking parasites that eat away fungus and bacteria Nature Sure Jonk Oil Pack and Bottlethat thrive on the hair and scalp. So when leeches are applied on your scalp, the medicinal secretions from their saliva purify the blood, boost circulation and help clear out toxins. Of course, it is not possible for you to have leeches on your head every now and then to treat hair troubles, which is why Nature Sure’s Jonk Tail is the best effective alternative. Let us go through some proven benefits of leech oil for hair loss and dandruff and put an end to all your doubts regarding leech oil.

Top 3 reasons why jonk oil is the best remedy for hair loss and dandruff

Naturally obtained jonk oil has the same medicinal properties as that of the saliva of the leech. Here are some of the components found in good-quality leech oils that help improve the health of your hair and give you shiny, lustrous hair.

  • Rich in Hirudin: Hirudin, a significant component of leech saliva, improves the blood circulation on your head and promotes hair growth. Better blood circulation automatically improves hair growth as your hair follicles get the nutrients they were missing out on.
  • Packed with nitric oxide: Science says nitric compounds and related compounds of nitric oxide are necessary for the health of hair follicles. Nitric oxiderelaxes the hair follicles, promotes blood circulation, and releases the growth hormone. You do not need to buy shampoos or hair products thathave nitric oxide in them since it is available in a safe hair oil formula that you can use daily – Nature Sure’s Jonk Tail.
  • Loaded with antibacterial and antifungal properties: Did you know that bacterial and fungal infections such as folliculitis and ringworm cause hair loss? Thanks to the antibacterial and antifungal properties of jonk oil, it can be used to treat such infections effectively, regain the health of your hair, and give you lustrous thick hair.

Choose Nature Sure’s Jonk Tail and put all your worries about the quality of natural hair oils in the market to rest and get rid of nasty hair troubles like dandruff and infections. With Nature Sure’s Jonk Tail as your daily hair fall and dandruff treatment regime, you will be able to bring back your crowning glory once again!

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