Hair loss is the commonest problem among all age groups today. Thick, healthy, and shiny hair is on the beauty list of not just women, but many men too.

Stress, pollution, a busy schedule, improper diet, or a combination of these factors has led to the loss of hair at a very early age in both men and women. Everyone you meet will suggest you a new hair fall remedy to regrow your crowning glory, but do they really do the trick?

Hair oils for thicker, shinier, and longer hair

Many research data suggest that hair loss in women is mostly due to nutritional deficiency and hence fish oils come into the picture of therapy for hair loss. Some commonly used oils that are included in formulations to prevent hair loss are jojoba oil, argan oil, grape seed oil, etc.

Natural therapies are free of side effects and, at the same time, produce results that are long lasting.This makes them preferable over the available chemical treatments that come with side effects. The commonly used natural hair oils for preventing and treating hair loss use oils like coconut, almond, and hibiscus. All these hair oils have been used traditionally to prevent hair loss by regular application and can act as a perfect hair fall solution for you. Pamper your hair with a good hot oil massage, and it may help make your hair thicker. However, can they really prevent hair loss? Not sure about others, but Nature Sure’s Jonk Tail gives a big resounding YES! It is a must for preventing and arresting hair loss and is a unique holistic treatment to say a permanent goodbye to hair loss that you must absolutely add to your hair care routine.

Jonk Tail: Your Rescue Therapy

Jonk Tail, also known as leech oil, has been used for centuries because of the tremendous benefits of being an immune booster, anti-aging, skin tightener, anti-acne agent. It has many proteins and nutrients that make it useful in treating skin and hair issues. Leeches are the blood-sucking parasites that kill the cause of hair loss, i.e., the fungal and bacterial infections on the scalp that might be the reason for your hair fall. The antibacterial and antifungal activities of leech oil make Nature Sure’s Jonk Tail preferable over other oils.

Nature Sure’s Jonk Tail is packed with nutrients that play a key role in hair regrowth and prevent hair loss. The constituents of this oil are:

  1. Hirudin: It comes from the saliva of the leech and improves blood circulation in the scalp, which ultimately promotes hair growth.
  2. Nitric oxide: It relaxes hair follicles, promotes blood circulation in the scalp, and releases the growth hormone.The enhanced blood circulation improves nutrient delivery to the scalp, helping overcome nutritional deficiencies to a certain extent. This promotes the growth of new hair while arresting existing hair loss.

Jonk Tail is a miraculous treatment for all hair problems.It is widely used for its effectiveness in fighting alopecia and baldness, and its antibacterial and antifungal activities make it useful in treating dandruff as well.

The regular use of Jonk Tail helps nourish the scalp and restores thick, shiny, and healthy hair, which is less likely to fall. Nature Sure’s Jonk Tail contains 100% pure jonk oil, which prevents and treats hair loss. Use Nature Sure’s Jonk Tail and bid a farewell to watching strands of broken hair flying all around in the room.

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